Healthcare dashboard for specialist

Analytics built specifically for healthcare.

Slide Oracle Analytics used on desktop and mobile devices. Better Insight:
People. Process. Data.
Collaborating with clients on a proven solution for facilities, healthcare providers and practice administrators. Our Platform

Why Sensa Analytics?

Connecting People
Focusing on insights, with the tools for a collaborative environment.
Connecting Data
Delivering trusted, accurate for real-time, access of your data from any source.
Connecting Process
A unified platform for centralized processing, to remove roadblocks in your facility.
Healthcare dashboard for specialist

Simplify Your Data.

System Agnostic

A single platform that connects and unifies data systems from your EMR to ERP and everything in between.


Utilization of Oracle Cloud Services means a HIPPA-compliant, secure environment that can scale as your business grows.

Real Time

Stay connected with the pulse of your organization by having a live look at your data, anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Trust your data to drive better business decisions.

Powerful Insights.

Streamline Process

Configurable workflow to have data available before you need it.

Graphs with positive results
Discover Trends

Analyze patterns in your data to improve quality of care, revenue cycle and marketing outcomes.

Decrease costs
Reduce Cost

Maximize efficiency to lower overhead and eliminate waste.

Increase revenues
Driving Growth

Tools designed to directly increase revenue.

Frame slider phone
Status dashboard with stoplight graphics
Healthcare insurance trends dashboard
Healthcare revenues by doctor
Map of patient home locations
Trend of healthcare results
Universal healthcare app for claims
Revenue cycle productivity dashboard
Healthcare charges by location and time

Sensa in Action

AI Integrated Processing
Reduce Denials
Integrated Oracle Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence is used to identify potential coding errors before submission of claims.
Automated Assignment of Claim Priorities
Dynamically generate priorities for claims based on customizable configuration of lists for coders.
Advancing Revenue Cycle
Improve Cash Flow
Allows teams working from multiple facilities to manage projections independently while contributing to centralized roll-up processing.