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Partnering with Clients on a proven solution for healthcare providers and practice administrators

A subscription, cloud solution with:

  • Practice analysis via 30+ dashboards and 120+ healthcare metrics
  • Mobile device and desktop access
  • No requirements for additional hardware
  • Integration to EMR, ERP and more

A short implementation timeframe – See your data with Sensa Pulse in less than 1 week

Pulse Overview

Cloud based Business Intelligence and reporting solution

  • Powered by Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service
  • Subscription service – No License Fees!
  • No hardware to purchase and install

Designed to help healthcare providers improve their business

The primary features of Pulse include:

  • Executive and Administrative Dashboards with Analytics
  • Comprehensive Physician Reporting capabilities
  • Daily Revenue Cycle Monitoring with Alerts
  • Charges, payments, and collections monitoring
  • Payor analysis and monitoring
  • Procedure Code analysis and optimization
  • Industry benchmarking
  • A comprehensive data model optimized for health care providers and healthcare practice administrators


“This is groundbreaking,
disruptive for EHR, accounting, and analytic tools. This is powerful.”

– Barry Howell, CEO Arlington Orthopedics Associates

Sensa Features

The healthcare revenue cycle has become extremely complex and littered with potential points of failure.

Executive metrics to determine trends of organization

  • Revenues, collections, productivity

Real-time ability to understand Services by provider / practice

  • Spending RVUs
  • Relate time to revenue
  • Provide guidance on which procedures deliver maximum revenue
  • Understand how insurance carriers vary payment by procedure

Physical Therapy Analysis – Understand detailed Staff productivity

  • How is time spent between office visits vs. surgery vs. ancillary support
  • Measures for visits/day, patients/day, revenue/visit, revenue/provider/day

Analyze patient metrics

  • Payment trends based on time and procedure codes
  • Locations of patients relative to facilities
  • Determine patient demographics (age, ethnicity, etc.)

Understand profitability for medical devices (DME analysis)


Healthcare metrics

  • Physician / Practice
  • Physical Therapy
  • DME / Medical devices
  • Patient demographics
  • Finance
  • Insurance carriers
  • Location

Real-time access

Mobile ready

Security by data and role

Practice areas – 7
Dashboard pages – 70+
Reports / Charts – 120+
Metrics – 215+

Healthcare Challenge

Healthcare sees constant change

Data can help and is everywhere

Capable of providing valuable insight into their organization

Accessing can be like finding a needle in a haystack

Unfortunately, most reports are static and do not have timely, accurate, or complete data.

IDC reports healthcare data is growing by 48% every year

If you load the data into iPads, then stack them…

By 2020, it will be 1/3 of the way to the moon!


Pulse: Meaningful Healthcare Insight

Pulse by Sensa Analytics

Delivers reporting and analytic capabilities that isolate the data you need, when you need it, organized in a way you can use it

Tools, technology, and processes helping our clients:

Increase revenue

Decrease cost

Improve operational efficiency

Mitigate risk

Make more informed decisions about their business

Customer challenges and results

What sorts of trends are you looking for?

  • Trends – insurance rates: able to compare actuals to contracts. Able to look by location, revenue category and see how’s revenue, how’s AR and are they within norms. Basically, how’s the business and how are they doing is what doctors and staff want to know.
  • Costs – practice and physician payment analysis: Hey, why isn’t my commission the same as last year?
  • Transparency and accountability – Now we can ask are we getting the best pricing from suppliers or who has a better price
  • Clinician utilization – we help get the most out of their practice (collections vs. practice costs and clinic throughput)

Sensa helps manage the Revenue Cycle

Marketing & Referrals

Scheduling Patient Volume

Coding Claim Lag

Billing Productivity

Collections Acct Rec


Payor Mix

Clinical Quality

Cost / Profitability

Pulse Roadmap

Phase 1

Executive insight
Provider analysis
Physical Therapy quadrants
Patient demographics
CPT Analysis
Claims analysis

Phase 2

Finance reporting
DME and inventory reports
Resource Scheduling
Marketing (Click – to – Cash)
Patient satisfaction

Phase 3

Qualitative measures
Population Health
Resource Optimization

Manage like never before…



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